Business areas: Element Houses

Nordic Houses was initially engaged in the production and export of wooden houses. It has now grown into a group of companies which is engaged in sales, design, production, product development and construction services. The group’s overall aim is to promote the enjoyment of life and deliver more time for living.

Nordic Houses currently exports to Scandinavia and Central Europe. We are also making efforts to start business in other parts of the world, in particular the UK, Russia and India.
We produce homes and cabins with Nordic Tradition and Nordic Modern designs. Nordic traditional models are popular in mountainous regions, as well as in holiday resorts, our Nordic modern designs are in particular demand in suburban and residential areas or on the coast.

Nordic Houses has been certified according to the Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008 by DNV Certification and the European Technical Approval (ETA) certification ETA -11/0205.

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